The Knowledge Base contains helpful posts we’ve made to our blog relating to tuning, fault finding and EFI in general.

Knowledge Base Posts

Wiring up the neutral switch in a Ford Falcon manual conversion

Wiring up the neutral switch in a Ford Falcon manual conversion is a commonly overlooked item. In this quick guide we show how to wire it up.

How to fit and use a Wideband O2 Sensor

When modifying cars, Wideband O2 sensors are a very useful diagnostic and monitoring tool. In this second article of the series, we explain how to fit and use a Wideband O2 sensor.

Why you need a Wideband O2 sensor

In the world of modified cars, a Wideband O2 sensor is a very useful diagnostic tool. In this article we explain the purpose of Wideband O2 sensors, and give some reasons as to why every modified car should have a one.

Fitting a XR6T MAP sensor to an NA AU/BA/BF - Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide contains the pinout details for fitting one of our XR6T 2-Bar MAP sensors to an AU/BA/BF NA vehicle.

J3 Chip Transmission Edit & Shift Kit

Using a J3 Chip you can unlock many transmission shift parameters on your 6 cylinder EB-EL Falcon. These allow you to edit shift firmness (line pressure), gear change RPM, and even torque convertor lock up.

EB-ED V8 Thermofan Control

This guide outlines the steps involved in controlling an electric thermofan via the EEC in an EB-ED V8 Falcon, XR8, Fairlane or Fairmont.

Fitting an EL ECU to an EA-ED Falcon

Learn how to fit, and the benefits from fitting an EL ECU to your EA, EB, ED, NA, NC, or XG 6 cylinder Falcon

Idle control - fixing rev hang

Does your car idle high? Do the revs hang for a few seconds after a quick stab at the throttle? Does your car stall when you come to an abrupt stop? This article contains fixes to resolve this fairly common problem.
Smartlock circuit board

Smartlock explained - how to fix common Smartlock problems and bypass Smartlock

This post explains how to fix common faults with Smartlock in EB, ED, EF, EL and AU (Series 1) Falcons, NC-NL Fairlane, and XG-XH Utes.