Auto racing is easily one of the most demanding sports — both on vehicle and driver. Whether it’s drifting, speedway, circuit or drag racing, the extreme acceleration, sky-high drivetrain temperatures, and the forces involved require special race car accessories to keep things running as they should and keep occupants safe. At T.I. Performance, we carry a range of CAMS/SFI/FIA approved racing accessories engineered to the highest standards to ensure the highest performance as well as maximum safety.
One of our specialities in auto racing accessories is heat proofing. With the extremely high temperatures that are an inherent part of racing, heat proofing is necessary to keep up reliability. Any dedicated racer knows the problems caused by a hot exhaust – melted plug leads, plastics, and boiled brake fluid. That’s why we carry a variety of exhaust heat shields and exhaust wraps from brands such as Permaseal and Raceworks. Heat is also the enemy of performance under the hood. Our Raceworks turbo beanies (blankets) keep the under-hood temperatures down, giving you more of that horsepower-friendly cold air. Of course, the exhaust assembly isn’t the only part of your race car that needs heat proofing. Our Raceworks heatproof fibreglass sleeving, self-adhesive gold heat shields and gold heat tape, and spark plug heat shields have you covered.
Safety race car accessories can’t be ignored either. Fire retardant roll bar padding will protect you should you come into contact with the roll bar in a crash. Window netting is required for many racing classes such as speedway, but keeping you and your limbs in the car in the event of a rollover is, an important consideration! We even carry CAMS approved race numbers and stickers, as the last thing you want to worry about is getting to the track and being turned away because your home made number does not meet regulations.
For the best in performance-boosting and safety-minded auto racing accessories for drifting, speedway, circuit or drag racing, you can rely on T.I. Performance.