Vehicle: AU Falcon

Year: 2002


Transmission: E-Series T5 manual, Cube short shifter

Camshaft: Crow Cams Stage 4

Power: 251rwhp / 530nm

Comments:  This car has been built with a lot of help from Jason with getting it’s new setup to where it needed to be. The car has always been a dedicated burnout car, and with its old standard motor, manual and diff gears the car was fun but just wasn’t at the competitive level I wanted it at. So after sending 2 rods in the old motor, we decided to go all out with a full overhaul, now sporting the Fairlane front end with new paint. The car is now running on methanol with the Stage 4 Crow Cam and Haltech Elite controlling the lot, we believe it is at a level not many other naturally aspirated AU Falcon burnout cars are at.