T.I. Performance was spawned out of our efforts to open up Australian Ford Falcon variants to enable cheap and simple tuning of late model Falcon, Fairlane, XR6 and XR8 models.

Work began in 2007 with a definition for the T.I. Performance test mule, an EF Fairmont. This work centred on finding the basic tables required for fuel and spark control in the 4DBG binary.  Collaborating with EEC experts overseas, the definition was slowly worked on until we had found many parameters. Support was extended to the EL series, along with EF Manual. These definitions were all available on our website as they were being developed.

In 2008, T.I. Performance started working with Advanced Technologies, to help test and then distribute locally built J3 chips and programmers. Also in 2008, local EEC tweaker Jaysen Anderson adapted the GUFB definition onto the EL XR8 V8 EEC series. This opened the door for tuning local V8s using open definitions.

In 2009 we started to see definitions for AU series EECs being developed, and backported definitions for EB and ED ECUs, along with further development of the existing definitions and newer, better hardware to support the use of the definitions. We also added an Owners Gallery to our site to let our customers show what they are using our products on.

In 2010 we completed support for AU series EECs. We saw more and more customers impressed with our products, as evidenced by our Owners Gallery, which now includes some more exotic examples, including Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser 4×4’s and FE, XE and XF Fords amongst others. These have been retrofitted with Ford engines and ECU’s thanks to our ability to bypass smartlock amongst other features.

2011 saw us sponsor some events to get our name known in the market. Our now Supercharged EF Fairmont appeared at the boostedfalcon.net Cruise for Charity and various other events. Our definitions were updated to cover more vehicles and new parameters were identified.  In 2012 we ramped up with more stock from a new manufacturer, and added many additional features to our tunes, including Transmission Mapping.

In 2013 we updated our definitions further, and published updated tuning guides on how to obtain the best results from our gear.  We launched a new website, including our Library which contains loads of free information on how to tune your Ford.

2014 saw us updating our Library with more free information on DIY Tuning, including how to use our gear to tune Turbo and Supercharged vehicles.

In 2015-16 we launched a range of quality performance EFI products from BMC, Bosch, Walbro and more.  We aim to be a competitive reseller of these products which work perfectly with our DIY Tuning gear.

Our mission is to continue to be a provider of quality, Australian designed hardware for tuning Australian Ford Falcon EEC vehicles, and to offer a great range of well priced quality EFI products for both replacement and performance upgrades.

Jason Bolger