There are certain names that are synonymous with automotive racing in Australia, and one of the most recognisable brands is Raceworks. The born-and-bred Australian manufacturer provides a wide range of performance air, fuel and fluid management components. The entire Raceworks catalogue consists of extremely high-quality parts, designed to perform under the most demanding conditions.
Raceworks range of rubber and teflon hoses ensure that your car’s fluids get to their destination safely and without leaks or restrictions. From fuel pump convoluted tubing to AN push-lock hoses, you can bet on a perfect fit and flawless performance every time. Raceworks also have a huge range of Silicone Bends and Silicone Joiners which are ideal for coolant and air plumbing. Raceworks fittings, meanwhile, are precision-manufactured for a perfect seal and fit. They are known for their reliable and high flowing AN fittings, especially more complex pieces like the 90-degree cutter hose end.
For precision fuel delivery, Raceworks have plenty of options. Their fuel injectors are some of the most accurate on the market, providing a wide range of flow, connector and size options to suit E85, 98 and more. They can even help you fit their high-performance injectors to unusual applications – a great example is their Bosch injector to Denso harness adapter. Meanwhile, Raceworks provides in-tank and external fuel pumps designed to meet the extra demands of boosted or large-displacement engines.
When you’re looking for the ultimate in automotive performance, every part matters no matter how large or small. A mish-mash of low quality parts almost guarantees premature failure – and an endless search to find the problem. Performance enthusiasts know that outfitting your high-performance track or street vehicle with quality Raceworks air, fuel and fluid components is the best way to ensure reliable performance and peace of mind.