Amateur car enthusiasts, dedicated weekend racers, and full-time mechanics can all agree on one thing. You can have the best parts in the world, but without the right automotive tools and equipment, your build quality will never be world-class. At T.I. Performance, we’ve understood this from day one. Our wide variety of car repair tools consists of high-quality, purpose-built equipment guaranteed to be effective and highly accurate. If you’re looking for professional car mechanic tools that are affordable for all, our inventory is the place to look.
Some of the finest automotive tools in Australia are made by Raceworks. Their extensive experience in the field is what makes us proud to carry so many of their products, especially their automotive tools. They excel at both general tools with a variety of uses, and purpose-built auto mechanic tools. Great examples of the latter include their hose installation kit, and their 600 series tube straightener. Professional car mechanic tools like these dramatically improve both the quality and speed of the job. Raceworks also provide a wide range of world-class multi-purpose car mechanic tools, such as hose cutters, crimping tools, wrenches, thread identification kits, vice jaws and much more.
Beyond the Raceworks range, you can be assured that all of the car tools we stock are equally top-notch, such as the Turbosmart silicone hose gauge, Crow Cams valve spring removal tool and the Plusquip Fuel Tank Lock Ring removal tool.
Whether it’s your livelihood or simply your personal passion, you know hardware store tools just won’t cut it when you’re serious about performance builds. However, it’s not always convenient to get to an automotive store that carries what you need with the quality you demand. To get the best quality auto tools delivered to your door, T.I. Performance is your Australian one-stop online shop.