Category Image for Fuel System showing Bosch 42 Fuel Injectors, Walbro 460lph Fuel Pump and Bosch 044 Fuel Pump.

Our Performance parts and DIY Tuning kits enable high performance fans in Australia to truly access the power potential of their vehicles. Products such as Crow Cams Camshafts and other high-performance engine components ensure your engine is being fed the necessary air – the next step is making sure the fuel system is up to the task.
After much research, we’ve sourced the best Fuel System components in the industry that will allow you to keep your engine well fed, no matter what the performance level.
The best fuel system parts for your vehicle
At the heart of any fuel system is, of course, the fuel pump – and we carry a variety of pumps made by the most respected names in the industry. Our Walbro fuel pumps range from 250 lph all the way to 460 lph for those truly aggressive builds. In addition, we carry pumps by Bosch, Raceworks and Pierburg. To help you get the most out of your EFI system, we offer a wide range of high capacity injectors and injector accessories made by Bosch, Siemens, Raceworks and more. Raceworks fuel rails and rail parts are designed to withstand the high pressure of performance fuel delivery, and fuel regulators by Bosch, Raceworks and Turbosmart keep that pressure in check.
For those making big power and needing to protect against any lean outs from high-G track use, our surge tanks and fuel cells keep fuel supply constant. We also carry high-performance fuel filters down to 10 micron that remove the most minuscule of impurities while allowing excellent fuel flow. Our Raceworks catch cans also protect against detonation, keeping your intake free of damaging oil and water vapour. A host of accessories from fuel pressure gauges to fuel cut defenders and everything in-between round out a comprehensive inventory of high-performance fuel system necessities.
Our aftermarket tuning products allow you to change your engine’s fuel delivery characteristics precisely. Whether your goal is improved economy or increased performance, these fuel system parts will help your engine perform exactly as the tuning intends.