AU Hybrid Head vs EL Falcon Head

Late EL Falcons were released with a Hybrid AU head, which along with revised porting and valve sizes, has a different rocker ratio & valve stem diameter.

You can run an EA-EL camshaft on a Hybrid or AU head only if you change rocker gear to the E-Series ratio.  Valve retainers must be the correct size for the stem.  Valve springs are cross-compatible.

How to tell if you have an EL Hybrid head?

Check the casting number on the front left of your cylinder head:

  • WR2A is AU casting (7mm valve)
  • 96AA / 96DA / 96DT is EL Hybrid AU casting (7mm valve)
  • 95DA / 95AA / 95DT or earlier is a regular EA-EL casting (8.7mm / 11/32″ valve)

See our range of camshafts to suit the EA-AU Falcon SOHC 4L 6 Cylinder.

Image courtesy of Fordmods.

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