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You’ve gone through the expense and hard work of creating an enviable setup for your Falcon, and it’s finally time to test it on the track. Your intake system provides the air, your fuel system introduces the fuel – but a single horsepower isn’t made until your ignition system ignites your A/F mixture. That’s why serious enthusiasts and racers rely on T.I. Performance for the best in performance ignition parts.
Not only does your engine need an ignition system that efficiently creates a powerful spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture in each cylinder, but it also requires components engineered to follow the precise timing of your particular tune. With ignition parts by trusted manufacturers like Raceworks and Bosch, as well as our own finely engineered products, T.I. Performance gives you ignition system components that do just that. Our SOHC 6 Cylinder Cylinder and V8 Windsor Distributors are super reliable replacements that are proven to provide high performance. We carry both high-performance ignition coils and ignition coil and plug packages for your distributor, coil pack or coil on plug ignition systems. Often overlooked, performance ignition leads like our V8 Commodore and 4L 6 cylinder ignition lead sets provide high reliability and temperature resistance unmatched by other options. 
Stock and ‘bargain performance’ parts often fall short in spark strength, while some second-hand high-performance parts often exhibit sub-par performance due to wear and tear. At T.I. Performance, we offer Australia reliable, high-performance parts that can withstand the most demanding conditions at affordable prices. Whether you need a new distributor, ignition sensor, coil and plug pack, or entire ignition system to complete your custom Falcon build, you can rely on T.I. Performance.