What does a Haltech ECU do?
A Haltech Engine Control Unit (ECU) is essentially the engine’s brain. It’s a sophisticated computer that manages key functions like ignition and injection, and it’s crucial in an engine’s Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system.
By receiving data from various sensors, a Haltech ECU processes this information to control the fuel injectors and ignition coils, thus optimising the engine’s performance. It’s integral to achieving the desired air-to-fuel ratio for efficient combustion​​.
Is Haltech a standalone ECU brand?
Yes, Haltech offers standalone ECUs, VCUs and PDMs. These are independent systems designed to replace the factory ECU to provide greater control and customisation over the engine’s operation, and add features not found in OEM ECUs. Standalone ECUs like those from Haltech are highly recommended for significantly modified engines, especially in racing or performance-focused scenarios.
The features a Haltech can provide are useful for engines that have undergone modifications such as the addition of turbochargers, superchargers, or for track or circuit work where things such as closed loop boost control, fuel trimming, configurable inputs and outputs, launch control and more all make the investment in a feature packed ECU worthwhile.
Does an ECU increase horsepower?
An ECU itself does not directly add power. However, what it does is enable the tuner to optimise the engine’s settings — such as fuel, ignition and camshaft positioning — to fully harness the engine’s existing potential.
The actual increase in horsepower depends on the quality of the tune, the engine’s inherent capabilities and its current state. While an ECU doesn’t directly add power, the engine optimisation that extracts maximum performance may result in noticeable gains​​.
How does a Haltech ECU enhance vehicle performance?
Haltech ECUs offer advanced control over your vehicle’s engine, allowing for precise adjustments in fuel, ignition and other vital functions. These units enable real-time logging and tuning to suit specific performance needs, whether for racing or street driving. They also add a huge range of features, enabling things such as drive by wire, anti-lag, nitrous control and more. By mapping engine parameters in high resolution, Haltech ECUs can improve throttle response, increase power output and enhance overall drivability.
Can Haltech ECUs be used on any engine type?
Haltech ECUs are versatile and can be adapted to various engine types. They support multiple configurations, including petrol engines with different cylinder counts (from 1 to 12) and rotary engines with 2, 3 or 4 rotors.
How user-friendly are Haltech ECUs for installation and tuning?
Haltech ECUs are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Their configuration software NSP allows configuration of all inputs and outputs, and we can help provide a base tune and pin map for your build if required. If this all sounds a little overwhelming, a Tuner from our Tuners page will be able to wire and tune it for a fee.
What is a PDM?
A Power Distribution Module or PDM is used to replace traditional relays and fuse blocks with a microprocessor controlled solid state switching system. With CANBUS integration with their range of ECUs, Haltech PDMs are a great way to modernise a race car and provide full PWM control of things such as thermofans, fuel pumps and more. They can also datalog current and voltage allowing for full visibility and control over what’s happening in the car under any conditions.
Is Haltech Australia involved in the development of these ECUs?
Absolutely! Haltech is a proud Australian company who have been at the forefront of Aftermarket ECU technology since 1986. Based in Sydney, the company has a strong reputation for developing innovative engine management solutions.
Haltech’s Australian heritage is integral to its identity and approach to technology. Their commitment to quality and performance is evident in their ECUs, which are designed to meet the rigorous demands of both street and race vehicles worldwide.