When it comes to premium air filters for your car, it’s hard not to mention BMC filters. These high-quality air filters are Italian-made and have been placing BMC among the leading brands in the air filtration game since they were founded in 1973. With a rich history in auto racing, BMC has been at the forefront of air filtration in everything from moto GP and F1 to V8 Supercars, reigning supreme for more than 30 years. Their research and development is relentless as they pursue the highest quality and the best performance in air filtering systems.
Who Needs A New Air Filter?
Standard OEM air filters are designed primarily for service life. Most motorcycle and automotive manufacturers use low quality, cheap paper filters in their vehicles as standard fitment to keep cost down. After a single use, they are disposed of.
BMC provides a range of aftermarket replacement filters, designed for high performance and high filtration. As a bonus, they are also fully washable and can be reused after a simple clean. BMC performance air filters are made of cotton that will significantly improve the entire filtration process.
To see whether we stock a drop in replacement filter for your vehicle, head over to our BMC air filter online shop today. If you can’t find your car, contact us to see whether we can get one in for you.
Is A New Air Filter the ONLY Option?
This depends on how well you took care of your vehicle! If you still have a low-quality factory air filter, then we suggest changing it with a BMC high-performance air filter.
If you have already fitted a high performance BMC air filter, grab a BMC air filter cleaning kit. By regularly washing and oiling your air filter, you can keep your airflow at peak performance.
If you have any additional questions about any BMC air filter, click contact us and we will be glad to help you out.