BA XR6 Turbo MAP Sensor T.I. Performance

Fitting a XR6T MAP sensor to an AU BA or BF Falcon – Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide contains the pinout details for fitting one of our XR6T 2-Bar MAP sensors to an AU, BA, BF or FG Falcon NA vehicle.



J3 ChipWe sell the BA/BF Turbo 2-bar MAP sensor as a kit with plug to suit AU Falcons at a great price!


The pin numbers on the 2-bar sensor are reversed compared to the NA variant.  See photo below.

Pinout Table

The below table has a cross-reference of pinouts to wiring colour for the conversion.  Thanks to Fordmods for the info.

ColourFunctionAU1AU2/ BA/BF NABA/BF Turbo

Bosch 2 Bar MAP Sensor Transfer

This chart shows the voltage vs pressure for the three MAP sensors used in AU-BA Falcon (courtesy Fordmods)

AU Series 1 Vehicles

The AU1 manifold upper will not fit a 2-bar sensor; you will need to use a AU2+ manifold upper.

FG Vehicles

FG Turbo vehicles use a unique map sensor plug.  FG NA vehicles however use the same plug as the BA/BF Turbo sensor, making the BA BF sensor plug straight in.

Where to buy a sensor

We sell the BA/BF Turbo 2-bar MAP sensor and FG Falcon 2-bar MAP Sensor at a great price!

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