We carry an extensive range of high-quality parts for the Ford Falcon FG, including piston rings, starter motors, exhaust manifold gaskets, head studs, injector kits and everything else you could possibly need. Browse our collection of FG Falcon car parts at your leisure and order what you need online today.
Project Orion
The internal codename for FG Falcon was Orion. Released in 2008, the platform was a major evolution of the BF it superseded. Body panels were all revised, as were the electrical system, HVAC, PCM, engine & transmission. Model names were changed; carried forward were the XT, XR6 and XR6 Turbo monikers; and introduced were the new G6, G6E and the line topping G6E Turbo. It is said that the model code FG is a nod to the dropped Fairmont Ghia badge.
The Barra 4L engine now came standard with 190kw in N/A form, and 270kw in Turbo form, the same total as the previous FPV F6 Typhoon albeit with a smaller GT3576r turbo. This provided better response and built boost earlier than the outgoing BF.
Common FG Falcon problems & upgrades
There are a few common problems with the FG Falcon that we can help with.
• The boost solenoid can jam, resulting in lower power output than designed
• The timing cover gasket can leak
• The fuel pump and injectors are too small for upgraded boost. We have a huge range to suit.
• The factory air filter does not flow enough. We sell an upgraded high flow panel filter to suit
• The Barra VCT cam actuator solenoids can fail
• We also have wastegate actuators, head studs, head gaskets and many more Barra parts to suit big power upgrades.
Top-quality Ford Falcon FG parts delivered to your door
All of the parts for the FG Falcon for sale in our online store are from reputable manufacturers who are known for producing components of the highest quality. We have specialised in replacement and tuning parts for the Ford Falcon since we began supplying parts for the EF in 2007. Since then, we have continually extended our range, so whether you are looking for parts for the XT, G6, G6ET or the Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo, we have what you need.
We ship smaller components to domestic customers by Australia Post Express Post, which is a next-day service for many areas of Melbourne and 2-4 days for other areas. We also offer international shipping by Australia Post for our overseas customers and a speedy courier service in-country for bulkier items, as well as DHL Express and some same-day services in Melbourne. Order your parts today!