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J3 Chip Transmission Edit & Shift Kit

Using a J3 Chip you can unlock many transmission shift parameters on your 6 cylinder EB-EL Falcon.  These allow you to edit shift firmness (line pressure), gear change RPM, and even torque convertor lock up.  All changes are referenced by TPS and the Power/Econ switch, so you can make the auto shift firmly above 75% throttle and retain soft shifts for driving around town – much better than a traditional shift kit!

Shift Firmness (Line Pressure)

Adjusting line pressure is the most significant change you can make to improve shift quality and firmness.  Power modifications that increase engine torque cause extra slipping in the clutches within the auto, increasing transmission wear, generating more heat and losing performance.  Using a J3 you can prevent this wear.

Traditional shift kits (resistor shift kits or adjustable line pressure solenoids) cause a constant raise in line pressure.  This leads to rough shifts off throttle and can even damage driveline components.  As the Line Pressure adjustment is referenced by Throttle % (columns) and RPM (rows), adjustments can be made in line with where power is being made to ensure off-throttle shifting remains smooth.

We find the factory shifts a little soft even at mild throttle positions, so suggest starting with a +10 offset for all throttle positions above 40%.  Increase the line pressure by larger amounts where you are making more power than standard – increases of 20-30 at the WOT shift RPM are normal for N/A applications, and up to 100 is expected for high boost applications.  As an example, the below table is from our Supercharged EF Falcon and provides a nice firm shift but no wheelspin – ideal for getting the power to the ground.

Screenshot (105)

Gear Shifts & Torque Convertor Lockup

We will update this guide to cover these additional topics as based on your feedback and as time permits!

Happy Tuning!

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    JD G HARD says:

    Hi i have used a El Fairmont 4.0 litre engine and trans in a saloon race car. i went through the smart lock issues and a brought a bypass unit which failed, then paid to have the BCM / smart lock module wired in with the key.
    now after-not running it for a year i have brought it back out and it turns over but has no injector pulse, or Spark from the coil the fuel pump primes.
    The trans has been wired to shift manually in each gear and will compression lock if shifted to early which is the bees knees to race with. but the starting issues are wearing me thin

    • Avatar
      Jason Bolger says:

      We can do a Stage 1 J3 Chip with a tune to bypass Smartlock, or a Stage 2 J3 Chip with a performance tune to get a little more power from Premium fuel. If you are running a cam this will help get the best performance from it (we will need information about the cam obviously). Please drop us an email to talk further. Cheers, Jason


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