T5 Trans Switches

Wiring up the neutral switch in a Ford Falcon manual conversion

Wiring up the neutral switch in a Ford Falcon manual conversion is a commonly overlooked item. In this quick guide we show how to wire it up.

Most people don’t realise the ECU needs a signal to know whether the car is in gear or neutral.  This helps with idle speeds, and fuel cutoff when coasting amongst other things.  To assist with this, the T5 manual has a neutral switch as shown in the picture to the right.


Neutral Switch ECU Pins

The following table outlines which pin the switch needs to be connected to.

ModelPin Number
EA, EB, EL (I6 & V8)30
EF, AU (I6 & V8)64


Wiring the switch

There are only two pins on the switch; one should be connected to earth and the other to the ECU input.  Use the PRNDL sensor wire from the Auto loom to connect these up and you shouldn’t even need to run any new wires!

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      Jason Bolger says:

      You would find idle behavior issues and return to idle would not behave correctly. The ECU has strategies to prevent a stall when coasting for example.


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    Dylyn says:

    Are you able to use the signal return wire that’s used next to the gear selector wire as the earth or do you have to make a new wire running to earth


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