Running EA EB ED EL Falcon EEC-V EFI on an XF Crossflow 4.1 with a J3 Chip

A lot of people contact us with Xflow Falcons from the XD, XE and XF range, asking us how to run modern, tunable EFI on these engines cheaply. The good new is it can be done very simply, and our J3 Chip gives full control of the ECU! Read more below.

Benefits of EA EB ED EL Falcon EFI

The EEC-IV system introduced with EA and upgraded to EEC-V in EF gives a bunch of advantages of the earlier EEC used in EFI XE and XF vehicles.

The main benefit is the delete of the Vane Air Flow (VAF) sensor on these cars, which is huge, ugly, and a massive restriction. Located right above the exhaust manifold, it is also prone to heat soak and severely restricts the performance of the XE/XF EFI system.

Obviously some XD – XF Xflows run Carb. These can be upgraded to EFI by using a combination of the XE/XF EFI manifold, and the EA / EB / ED / EL wiring loom and ECU and sensors.

Our J3 Chip allows you to use newer EB-EL ECUs, bypass Smartlock, run the newer 4 speed auto (if required) and adjust hundreds of parameters in the ECU including:

  • Ignition timing
  • Fuel curve
  • Idle speed
  • Rev limiter
  • Transmission shift points

For more info on the J3 chip see some options below or click here.

How to convert from XE/XF EFI to EA EB ED EL EFI

Luckily for XE/XF owners, the conversion process is quite simple, and our good friend n00bus [email protected] over at XFalcon has done the hard work on the conversion.

In summary there a few changes:

  • Remove the VAF sensor and fit the EA-EL MAP sensor
  • Swap the Air Intake Temperature sensor
  • Remove the EGR
  • Fit an O2 Sensor

For more information see this EFI XFlow with EL ECU thread on OzFalcon.

Some other info can be found Noobus’ old EB EFI management to run an EFI xflow thread (archived) and at here (archived).

Got more info?

Have you completed this conversion? If so hit us up on the contact page or leave a comment below!

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