VDO has been producing automotive components since 1929, Continental AG is the 3rd largest global automotive parts manufacturer, and Siemens AG is Germany’s largest engineering company. Their combined pedigree is your guarantee of world-leading auto electronics and mechatronics. T.I. Performance is Australian owned and operated, but we’re proud to bring the best of German car tech, including VDO Siemens, to Australian car enthusiasts.
History of VDO 
VDO (standing for “Vereinigte DEUTA – OTA”) was formed by the merger of the two German companies that make up its name in 1929. In 2000, VDO was acquired by Siemens and branded as Siemens VDO, combining the VDO product range with more recent product designed by Siemens including the Siemens Deka fuel injector. In 2007, Continental AG acquired the VDO brand from Siemens including the entire automotive parts catalog.
Upgrade your performance with confidence
VDO Siemens performance fuel injector systems quickly and simply increase the fuel delivery of virtually any make and model, thanks to our full range of connector plug adapters and extensions. Performance fuel injectors offer a range of fuel rates, come in different sizes and fuel compatibility types right up to ethanol. T.I. Performance expertise ensures the right injectors to enhance your driving experience.
Precise engine management
Your ECU’s tune is only as good as the data fed to it by sensors and actuators. Siemens VDO engine management sensors ensure combustion is as precise as possible. Siemens VDO engine management system components cover the . And you can make the right connection with quality headers and plug and pin sets to suit most Siemens VDO sensors, including the Flex Fuel Sensor. Eliminate soldered, crimped and spliced terminals and upgrade your sensors with confidence from the range of VDO Siemens parts.
Restore your engine
Despite the promise of faultless electronics, original parts can wear out. Replace critical engine components with authentic VDO Siemens parts from the extensive T.I. Performance range, and revive your car’s potential. Swapping out old engine coils and fuel injection components with genuine VDO Siemens parts can restore your engine’s performance.