Falcon Hose Fitting and Bolt Thread Size Guide

We’ve started this guide to capture common thread and fitting sizes on the Ford Falcon 4L 6 Cylinder SOHC, Barra and V8 models. If you can help fill it in please contact us.

FittingThread Size
EA-AU Falcon 4L Power Steering Pump5/8″-18 Inverted Flare
EA-EL & XG XH Falcon Power Steering Rack Feed Line ThreadM16x1.5 Bump Tube
EA-EL & XG XH Falcon Power Steering Rack Return Line ThreadM18x1.5
EA-AU Falcon Power Steering Pressure Switch3/8″-24 UNF
EA-BF Falcon 4 Speed BTR Auto Transmission Cooler FittingsM16 x 1.5
EA-BF Falcon 4 Speed BTR Torque Convertor Bolts10×1.25 .75″ UHL 171-2801
Fuel Line Quick Release5/16″ Quick Connect
EA-AU Falcon 4L & 5L V8 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor3/8 x 18 NPTF
EA-AU Falcon Oil Feed / Oil Pressure Sensor Thread1/4″ NPT
Use this adapter to add an oil feed and retain the oil pressure sender
EA-AU Flywheel Bolt Thread10mm x 1.25 27mm 73Nm
EA-AU Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts8mm x 1.25 17.3mm 32Nm
XE Falcon Steering Box11/16″-18 Inverted Flare
BA BF FG GT35 Turbo Oil Drain50.8mm / 2″ Flange
BA BF FG GT35 Turbo Oil Supply7/16″-24
BA BF FG GT35 Turbo Water Supply/DrainM14x1.5
EA-FG Live Axle Hard Line Brake Fitting ThreadM10 x 1.0mm
E-Series and AU Falcon Thread and Fitting Guide

Electrical Connectors

Part Connector
AU Falcon InjectorsUSCAR Plug
EA-EL Falcon InjectorsBosch Minitimer Plug
E-Series and AU Falcon Connectors

If you have any others to add, please contact us!

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