TunerPro Keyboard Shortcut

TunerPro Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that TunerPro allows custom keyboard shortcuts?  In this short article we cover how to create and change existing keyboard mappings to make common tasks quicker.

Repetitive jobs like Uploading the tune can be tedious to perform with a mouse when you may make a lot of uploads during a tuning session.  We’ve found that simply mapping a keyboard shortcut to do an Upload and Verify saves a lot of time and fiddling with the track pad!


  1. In TunerPro, choose Options, Preferences and select the Keyboard tab.
  2. Select the Upload Bin to Emulator command and click Select New Combination.
  3. Press the keys Control+U.
  4. Press OK.

That’s it!  Repeat the same steps for the Verify Emulator Contents Against Current Bin command and set the key to Control+Y.

Hope this tip saves you a little time every time you tune.

Happy Tuning!

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