Whether at the track during a weekend race meet, or simply getting the engine started on your daily, it’s something seen far too often – sub-par electricals. The engine may be the heart of your Falcon, but without reliable electrical components, even the most tricked out small block Windsor V8 will be sitting dead in the water.
For the best in electrical connectors, tools and more hand picked specifically for your Australian Ford Falcon build, T.I. performance has everything you need.
When it comes to electrical, it’s not just the components themselves that are important, but also the connections between them. Make sure your electrical system is done right the first time by using quality parts like Deutsch connectors and Raceworks wiring accessories.
Increase the reliability of your wire joins over soldering with Raceworks tinned brass splice terminals. With the high current demands of high performance builds, you’re bound to blow fuses – our fuse assortment kits will make sure you’re never without replacements.
We carry Deutsch connector kits in every variation you could possibly need (2-way, 3 way, 12-way and more). Protect your connectors and blank cavities from contamination with our full size range of Deutsch sealing plugs, either in single size or multi-size Deutsch plug kit.
To protect your wiring and bring a professional look to your engine bay, use Raceworks braided cable sleeves – the expandable braided sleeving design means you can be rely on your wiring being safe even under the most demanding conditions. We also stock Deutsch crimp tools, multi-use removal tools, and other professional tools so that you can install and remove all your electrical components securely and safely.
T.I. Performance is Australia’s number one source for high quality yet affordable Ford Falcon tuning and performance parts. To ensure every electrical connection in your engine bay and throughout your Ford Falcon is perfectly executed and has the professional look you want, count on T.I. Performance.