Our J3 Chips & Engine Tuning gear allow reprogramming of factory ECUs in EA EB ED EF EL AU, XG-XH and NA-NL Falcon, Fairlane, XR6 and XR8 models.  With a J3 Chip we can remap rev and speed limiters, idle speed, transmission shift rpm and firmness, fuel injector size, fuel and ignition maps, MAF curves and more.  We can provide custom tunes to suit anything from fuel economy through LPG/E85, mild and hot cams, NOS and turbo or supercharged setups.  See the table for a comparison of our J3 Chip Stages, or keep scrolling to see our DIY Tuning gear.

J3 Chip Options

  • $189
    inc. GST
  • J3 Chip
  • Suits cars with no engine modifications
  • Ideal for manual conversions and engine swaps
  • Use to disable engine immobiliser (smartlock, smartshield)
  • $239
    inc. GST
  • J3 Chip
  • Suits cars with no or mild engine modifications
  • Custom tune for best performance from your setup
  • Use for increased power & torque, better fuel economy, better idle with mild cams
  • $299
    inc. GST
  • J3 Chip
  • Suits highly modified cars
  • Ideal for Turbo and Supercharged setups
  • Use for wild camshafts, modified fuel systems, boost, etc
  • Varies
    See below
  • DIY Products
  • Tune your own car with our DIY Tuning products
  • Adjust fuel, ignition, limiters, idle, transmission and more
  • Beginner Kits, Full House Kits, and Performance parts available