The EF Falcon is a modern classic among Australian Ford fans, known for its reliability and potential for customisation. At T.I. Performance, we specialise in providing the best performance parts that unlock the true potential of your EF Falcon. 
Full House DIY Tuning Kit — comprehensive performance tuning
The Full House DIY Tuning Kit from T.I. Performance is a complete solution to achieve optimal performance from your EF Falcon. This kit includes everything you need to fine-tune your vehicle’s engine parameters, ensuring maximum efficiency and power output. This kit gives you control of fuel, spark, idle, limiters and many other parameters within the ECU. You can monitor and log AFR, TPS, Intake temp, Vehicle Speed, RPM and more.
Its user-friendly interface allows you to make precise adjustments without extensive technical knowledge. We provide detailed instructions, ensuring a smooth installation process. The kit is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, making it user-friendly.
Crow Cams Stage 3 Camshaft 2222549
The Crow Cams 2222549 Stage 3 Camshaft is a very common upgrade if you own an EF Falcon in Australia and want to improve your vehicle’s performance. This cam improves on the stock cam without impacting too greatly on low end torque or fuel economy, making it ideal for a daily driven car. For the weekender or track car where performance is the main goal, we have plenty of other camshafts in stock, and can make custom cams to suit whatever spec you have in mind.
Pair your camshaft with one of our Stage 3 J3 Chips, which allow for the precise custom-tuning of the ECU, enabling us to customise the engine’s behaviour to your specific needs. It will give control of fuel, spark, idle, limiters and many other parameters within the ECU without restrictions or lockdowns like other tuning systems. 
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By integrating these high-quality performance parts from T.I. Performance, you can unlock the true potential of your EF Ford Falcon. Whether you want to dominate the track or enhance your daily driving experience, our products offer the reliability and performance you need. If you have any questions about our product range, contact our team and we will be delighted to assist you.