The T.I. Performance Fluid System Builder has been designed from the ground up by rev heads to be the simplest way to assemble any type of Fuel System, Breather System etc.

Simply drag components from the tool pane onto the grid, and assemble your system from start to finish. The Builder will keep track of all your parts and quantities in the Parts List on the right and will remember them between visits. When finished simply hit Buy Now to add the items in your design to your cart!

If you get stuck or have any feedback please contact us or use the feedback tool!

Note: Some features such as Search are still being built. Use the red icon on the right hand side to vote for the features that matter the most!

About Fluid System Builder

If you’re designing a new fuel system for your car, our Fluid System Builder can help you keep track of all the parts you need to make up your system. Once you have completed your design, you can buy everything needed with the press of a button, making the whole process much easier and faster than it would otherwise be. Our Fuel System Builder includes links to all the components you may need: AN fittings, catch cans, braided hoses, breather system parts, oil lines and everything else you might require can be found in the appropriate sections to the left of the main design grid. And if you need any help to design a fuel system for your car, just send us a message.

When we designed the Fluid System Builder we essentially wanted to replace the pen and paper, catalog scanning, internet browsing headache that previously existed. Rather than going to multiple websites or having multiple tabs open trying to ensure you’ve covered all your bases, we wanted to create a place where you could add everything you need with complete visibility over your list. The Fluid System Builder is going to eliminate the need to hunt around multiple places and add some simplicity to designing your dream fluid system.

A Genuinely Useful Fuel System Designer

Whether you’re building an XR6 Turbo fuel system from scratch or upgrading a fuel delivery system for another model, our Fluid System Builder will make it easy for you to finish your build without exceeding your budget. Keeping track of every part you need and exactly how much they all cost has never been easier. You don’t have to complete your design all in one session either: just save your progress and you can come back any time, load your saved design and carry on where you left off!

A Continually Evolving Fuel System Builder for Rev Heads Across Australia

The Fluid System Builder is an ever changing system within our business, we want it to grow and advance over time, aligned with your needs. So if there are any particular features you would like to see included in future iterations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what they are. And if there are any hoses, fuel pumps or other components you need that you can’t find on our site, feel free to reach out using the contact us page!