What are Crow Cams camshafts?
Crow Cams camshafts are precision-engineered components designed to enhance an engine’s performance. Leveraging over 40 years of experience with advanced CNC grinding in Australia, Crow Cams has developed a range of camshafts that cater to various automotive needs, from standard replacements to high-performance applications.
The unique Next Gen design across the Crow Cams catalogue utilises the latest valve train simulation software to create aggressive acceleration profiles without compromising valve spring life or quiet operation. These camshafts are available in various types, including hydraulic lifter, solid lifter, hydraulic roller and solid roller camshafts, catering to different street or race applications, ensuring maximum torque and power delivery.
How do Crow Cams camshafts achieve performance gains?
Crow Cams camshafts achieve performance gains through a combination of advanced design and precision engineering. This significantly improves horsepower and torque across a broad power band without compromising low-end power. Designed for performance between 2,700 and 6,500 RPM, these camshafts enhance engine capability efficiently.
Do I need to make any modifications to my vehicle to install Crow Cams camshafts?
Installing Crow Cams camshafts involves several steps and may require additional modifications to your vehicle to ensure optimal performance. 
Upgraded Valve Springs are required with most cam grinds to ensure the extended lift and duration of a modified camshaft does not cause problems. This can sometimes extend to components like rocker arms, pedestals and lifters.
Additionally, valve shims or pushrods may need to be upgraded or replaced to accommodate the new camshaft, especially in older vehicles. This is due to the difference in metal hardness and the need to maintain correct valve-to-cam lobe clearance. In modern engines with hydraulic lifters, valve adjustments are typically not necessary.
After installing a new camshaft, it’s also vital to consider remapping the engine’s ECU to adjust the fuel, ignition and boost pressures to match the new setup. This guarantees the engine delivers smooth power across the rev range and operates efficiently without risking damage.
Thankfully Crow Cams and T.I. Performance can help with all of these and more!
Can I install Crow Cams camshafts myself, or do I need professional installation?
Whether you can install Crow Cams camshafts yourself or need professional installation depends on several factors, including your mechanical expertise, the complexity of your engine and the tools available to you.
Installing a camshaft is an intricate process that involves precise measurement, and, in many cases, specialist tools. Given these complexities, individuals with a solid background in automotive mechanics and access to the necessary tools should feel confident installing a cam, especially in an OHC engine.