Crow Cams has a long tradition of performance excellence. Enthusiasts depend on them for power, performance, and reliability with every product. Those in the know understand how to take this superb quality to an even higher level. 
To get the best from your car, you need equip it with powerful performance components, such as the top quality products from Crow Cams Australia.
Why Crow Cams? 
For over three decades, Crow Cams has provided the best in performance-enhancing timing chain and gear sets, springs, valve locks, kits, and more.
Crow Cams can promise the best quality because they machine and grind all of their parts and equipment in their Australia-based facility. They guarantee high standards with every camshaft they manufacture through their experienced team that maintains strict quality control over every item.  
All Crow Cams products and accessories have endured rigorous testing specific to the tough demands of Australian road and track conditions. Their parts can stand up to extremes of temperature and humidity, high altitudes, and unpaved driving surfaces. When you purchase a Crow Cams camshaft timing gear from T.I. Performance, you can put reliability worries behind you. 
The product line includes in-house manufactured camshafts, valve spring kits, cam gears, and tools to help you do the job right.
Why choose T.I. Performance for your Crow Cams parts? 
T.I. Performance currently features over 60 different Crow Cams products. At T.I. Performance, we take pride in offering products from Crow Cams. Their continual commitment to improving product quality puts them head and shoulders above the competition. That means when it comes to your vehicle, you too get the best, whether you’re tweaking your Ford Falcon 4L with our camshafts, or amping up your Windsor top end with our valve train gear.  
We hold most parts in stock for rapid despatch and ship via express and standard courier Australia wide as well as New Zealand and internationally.  
T.I. Performance is your source for superior Crow Cams parts.