Programming the FG Falcon ABS module for a Turbo conversion

When converting an FG Falcon to run on a Turbo PCM, you will see DTCs from the PCM as the calibration on the ABS unit differs between models.

This guide covers how to reprogram the ABS module to suit the Turbo PCM using Forscan. You must have an Extended Licence, which can be registered for free from

You’ll also need an OBD2 scan tool — Click here for a low cost VGate Scan Tool that will work with Forscan or for a Tactrix cable that will work with Forscan and PCMTec click here.

Credit to Nigel from CAN Solutions for this guide.

  1. Connect to Vehicle using Forscan

2. Select Configuration & Programming

VGateIf you don’t have an OBD2 Scan Tool, our VGate iCar Pro can connect to any OBD2 compliant vehicle (AU Falcon onwards, most cars built after 2000). It can provide realtime data such as speed, boost, ignition timing as well as read or clear fault codes and in some cases reprogram vehicle functions!

3. Select ABS (Do NOT Select AS-BUILT) Then press Play at bottom

4. Click Variant Code Information and press Edit Selected

5. Make note of existing configuration selected

6. Select the desired engine/trans combination for your setup. eg. If converting to Turbo ZF, choose G Turbo or XR6 Turbo.

7. Select Write & then confirm

8. You should see a success message like below

9. Select the Stop button at the bottom of Forscan to exit Programming mode.

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