T.I. Performance’s range of DIY Tuning products give you full control for tuning your own vehicle.  With no limits to the number of tunes and no VIN locking or other restrictions, our gear is 100% open to use on as many cars for as many tunes as you like.

Our J3 tuning products allow full remapping of the factory EEC ECU in any EA, EB, ED, EF, and EL Falcon, along with XG, XH, NA, NC, NF and NL Utes and Fairlanes.

DIY Tuning Options

  • Beginners Tuning Kit
  • $225
    Plus postage
  • Includes a J3 Chip and Programmer. Ideal starting point for minor tune changes or if you have your own Wideband.
  • Full House Tuning Kit
  • $499
    Plus postage
  • Everything you need to tune your Falcon. Includes a J3 Chip, J3 Programmer, Wideband O2 Controller and cables.
  • DIY Tuning accessories
  • Varies
    See below
  • Accessories for tuning your car. Wideband Controllers, EEC Readers, Relay Tune Selectors, Four Tune Selector Switches and more.

Before buying our DIY gear, we suggest having a read of our Library, where you will find information on how to use these products, so you can decide whether DIY Tuning is something for you.  If it all sounds a bit complicated, our range of J3 Chips come pre-tuned by us to your specifications, ready to plug in and get going!