aftermarket ecus

If you’ve made major modifications to your engine, whether fitting a turbo kit or aftermarket cams, you may be reaching the limit of your factory electronic control unit (ECU). Most factory ECUs do not support advanced features such as launch control, boost control or flex fuel. In these situations, an aftermarket ECU is a must-have investment to add features and make the most out of your engine.
What is an aftermarket ECU?
An aftermarket ECU controls the features and functions of your engine. The ECU reads sensor inputs, from things like engine position, Throttle Position, intake air temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Ethanol Content, the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and more. These readings will allow the ECU to calculate the optimum igniton timing and fuel required to keep your engine running at optimal efficiency.
While factory or OEM ECUs have fewer self-tuning capabilities to make necessary adjustments to the engine simple, most are too old to reprogram. Some have even been locked by the factory, which means making alterations to the original settings is impossible. In this case, you must invest in an aftermarket ECU to support your engine modifications and keep your car running smoothly.
When do you need an aftermarket ECU? 
Typically we suggest investing in an aftermarket ECU if you want to:
• run boost above 9psi
• target power levels 250rwkw+
• have advanced features such as flex fuel, drive by wire, launch control, boost by gear, engine protection, etc
• have adaptive self-tuning features for major mods
• datalog 5+ sensor inputs for racing
How to choose the right aftermarket ECU for your car
There are many different aftermarket ECUs available on the market, from basic plug-and-play units to more sophisticated units with loads of inputs and outputs. Choosing the right aftermarket ECU for your build depends on several factors, including the engine, the features you need, and your budget. Some of our options include:
• Haltech Elite 750 — a great entry-level ECU, the 750 has enough inputs/outputs to run a 6 cylinder such as the 4L in sequential mode.
• Haltech Elite 2500 —  a more feature-rich ECU, the Elite 2500 has a total of 28 outputs and can control up to 12 cylinder engines. Drive By Wire, VCT control, dual channel knock and more are all possible on the 2500.
• Haltech Nexus R5 — The Nexus R5 is the most advanced ECU in the Haltech range. Suitable for full race builds and with all the features of the 2500, the Nexus adds Power Distribution Module (PDM) capability, so it can run your whole car using solid state switching, eliminating the need for fuses and relays.
• Haltech Plug-In Harnesses and ECUs — Haltech offer a range of plug-in harnesses and ECU kits for many models including LS, Coyote, SR, RB, Barra and more. Contact us if you can’t find one for your application.
Check with our expert team to find out which ECU is best suited for your vehicle.
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