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At T.I. Performance, we are dedicated to providing performance enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of high-quality driveline, suspension and body parts. Our extensive selection includes Clutches, Clutch Pivot Forks, AU Upper Arm Adapters for your suspension, and EA-AU Firewall Clutch Repair Plates for reinforcing the weak Falcon Firewall clutch cable exit point. Each component in our inventory is chosen to meet the unique demands of high-performance vehicles. 
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Experience enhanced control and safety with our brakes and wheel speed sensors
Brakes are a critical component for both safety and performance. With T.I. Performance’s range of brakes and wheel speed sensors, you can continue to drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle’s braking system is equipped with quality parts for maximum safety and performance.
Unleash your vehicle’s power with our performance clutch and clutch accessories
The clutch system plays a crucial role in transmitting power from the engine to the drivetrain. At T.I. Performance, we understand the importance of a properly selected and reliable clutch. Our range of high-quality clutches and clutch accessories is specifically designed to optimise power transfer and elevate your driving experience no matter what the power level or driving style. 
Enjoy peak vehicle performance with our cooling systems
Efficient cooling is essential for maintaining optimal performance and reliability, especially in high-performance vehicles. T.I. Performance offers cutting-edge cooling and components that are meticulously chosen to deliver superior temperature control. Our radiators, intercoolers and cooling fans are designed to dissipate heat, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance effectively. 
Why choose T.I. Performance for your driveline, suspension and body parts?
At T.I. Performance, we are dedicated to enhancing your vehicle’s performance. Whether you need OEM replacements or high-performance upgrades, we offer a diverse selection of top-quality driveline, suspension and body parts from leading brands in the industry. 
We understand the importance of convenience and efficiency when it comes to purchasing auto parts. That’s why we offer multiple delivery options, including Express and Standard, to cater to your needs. If payment is made before 3 p.m. AEST, most orders are fulfilled within two working days, and we will send you a tracking code via email once your order is shipped. For small parcels, we use Australia Post Express Post, which typically delivers overnight to metro areas. Heavy or bulky items are shipped through a reliable courier service, with an average delivery time of two to three days to metro areas.
At T.I. Performance, we are committed to providing you with a seamless and convenient shopping experience. Rely on us to unleash the maximum potential of your vehicle’s performance. If you have any inquiries or issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us
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T.I. Performance has a wide range of Performance Clutch, Suspension & Body Parts for your car. Our commitment to providing exceptional performance solutions sets us apart. With our range of brakes, clutches and clutch accessories, cooling systems, and wheel speed sensors, you can elevate the performance of your vehicle to new heights.
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