One of the easiest ways to spot a professional build is the use of quality hoses and fittings throughout a vehicle. Always chasing the most complete and reliable setup, we offer one of Australia’s most comprehensive hose and fitting inventories with over 1,000 fittings available.
Our range of fittings is as expansive as it is high in quality. A massive selection of AN fittings ensures every reducer, weld on fitting and AN adapter is a perfect fit, and our inventory includes high-quality hoses and hose ends. Our wide selection of hose types includes stainless and nylon braided hose, teflon and CPE rubber hose, multilayered silicone hose, push lock rubber hose, aluminium hard lines and more. For the most secure hose connections and tidy installations, we offer a range of hose accessories including clips, clamps and line separators. With the extreme pressures seen during high-performance applications, coolant overflow becomes more likely – Raceworks’ larger capacity, highly efficient coolant overflow tanks help keep your cooling system leak-free and safe, ready for action on the street, strip or racetrack.
Camshafts, forced induction systems and other major upgrades can greatly increase your Falcon’s performance when combined with our performance chips and DIY tuning kits. An easy way to end up with an unreliable vehicle, is to ignore the ‘less glamorous’ components of your build. At T.I. Performance, we provide you with all the hoses and fittings you need to complete your high performance set up. From Teflon braided fuel hoses right down to the smallest bulkhead fitting, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our inventory.
When you are looking for a full range of high quality fittings that give your engine bay that extra professional touch, T.I. Performance has you covered.