Turbosmart is a name any fan of high performing vehicle components knows well – the company is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of high-performance wastegates, BOVs, boost controllers and other aftermarket turbo hardware. What many people don’t know is that Turbosmart is proudly Australian, established over two decades ago in Sydney. Founder Nic Cooper began by designing and making his first BOV on a hand lathe in a small garage. Despite these humble beginnings, the build quality, reliability and accuracy of Turbosmart products saw the company quickly expand due to the growing demand for their offerings. With multiple awards won and a firm presence established in the North American and European markets, Turbosmart is recognised as one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hardware for turbocharged vehicles. And it all started with Turbosmart Australia!
One of Turbosmart’s core values is that of innovation. Perhaps no product better displays this than their Gen-V Wastegate range of products. We are proud to carry this revolutionary new product that, thanks to its advanced design and engineering, offers an increased flow rate and a drastic increase in thermal performance. Best of all, Gen-V Turbosmart wastegates are a direct-fit upgrade to 4th generation models.
Turbosmart has long been known for the accuracy of their gauges, and we offer a number of these including Boost and Fuel Pressure gauges. Another area of expertise is in BOVs, and we carry a number of these products for different models and applications. This includes their dual outlet bypass/atmospheric BOV, which allows for quiet operation for normal driving and vent-to-atmosphere operation under race conditions.
When you need to tune your boost levels just right to crush the competition while staying in your bracket, Turbosmart’s under-hood and in-cabin manual boost controllers have been tried and tested in both street and race situations. Their advanced e-Boost2 controllers up the ante – this full boost-management system allows boost monitoring and mapping as well as control over water or nitrous sprays, shift lights and more.
We know as well as you do that the smaller parts, components and connectors are just as essential to flawless operation of a turbo system as those that sit front and centre. That’s why we carry a dizzying array of top-quality Turbosmart parts including vacuum tubes, straight silicone hoses and joiners, wastegate springs and actuators, FPR fittings systems and much more. Take a look at our extensive Turbosmart catalog for the best prices on high-performance Turbosmart parts.