For the best performance in forced induction vehicles, Turbosmart turbo accessories are unbeatable. Over the last couple of decades, Turbosmart Australia has been designing and producing a range of superbly engineered products that take turbo performance to the next level, including every component needed to squeeze the last ounce out of your forced induction system. The Turbosmart Wastegate, Turbosmart boost controller and Turbosmart boost gauge accessories have been tried and tested in competition across Australia and are widely acknowledged as the best in their class. And if you are looking for a fuel pressure regulator gaugevacuum tubes or straight silicone hoses, Turbosmart has you covered. If you can’t see the part you are looking for in our online store, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you to find what you need.
Ultimate Performance with Turbosmart Australia
We would happily recommend any of the Turbosmart products that we carry: if that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t carry them. For top performance, they are quite simply some of the very best forced induction accessories available anywhere in the world. However, if you are looking for one component that will make a big difference, we suggest checking out the Turbosmart Eboost2. If you’re not familiar with this 2nd generation boost management system, it utilises advanced software that enables monitoring, compensating and fine control of your boost pressure.
Under Hood and In-Cabin Controllers
The Turbosmart range includes under-hood and in-cabin manual boost controllers that are small, light and easy to set. If you are looking for controllers that will allow you to set your boost accurately, and won’t add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, these components come highly recommended. The Eboost2 we mentioned earlier is more sophisticated – it’s a full boost management system – but if you want a simple, old-school solution, these manual boost tee type boost controllers are perfect for your needs.