GU / GQ Patrol Barra Conversion Tips

This short guide is a collection of tips for people doing Barra conversions to GQ /GU Patrols. We will update the guide as more info comes to light. If you have any tips please contact us!

FG Falcon Barra PCM in GQ Patrol

Running the FG PCM & ZF transmission is simple. The PCM does not require a VSS signal as it gets one from the Transmission Control Module (TCM) via CANBus, so no extra VSS is required. 

Using a CANBarra Module we can enable Tacho output, Oil Pressure, and Alternator Lamp on the factory cluster. The Speedo is run directly from the GQ Transfer case using the OE sensor. Engine Temperature is read using a GQ Temp Sender in the lower thermostat housing using the original wire.

CanbarraA CANBarra can provide the required CAN or Analog signals for original dash instrument cluster to run like factory when doing a vehicle conversion.


Barra Patrol Pedal Mounting

We have a mounting bracket in stock to allow mounting the BA/BF pedal to the firewall in GQ Patrol. For more information see GQ Patrol Barra BA BF Accelerator Pedal Bracket for DBW Throttle.

Barra with GQ Patrol Cluster

GQ Patrols Clusters run off the outputs of the CANBarra module, which can translate the Barra PCM CAN messages into analog signals for the dash. However there were some small differences between clusters depending on the engine & series regarding the tacho:

  • Most Yellow on Black Clusters require a simple modification to the PCB to work.
  • White on Black Clusters (later ones)
    • RD28 Diesel and Petrol EFI Clusters just work with the CANBarra directly
    • Other diesel ones require a small C/R network on the Tacho output of the CANBarra to create an AC pulse. 

Barra with GU Patrol Cluster

The CANBarra can run the GU Patrol CANBus ZD30 cluster directly.

For more information, contact us.

Photo courtesy of CRS. Technical information from Nigel @ CAN Solutions.

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  1. Avatar
    Brian Mckinnon says:

    Planning on putting bf barra into 2008 gu patrol do I need the canbarra module to run the original gauges through barra ECU/PCM??

      • Avatar
        Charlie Black says:

        What’s involved in putting a Barra into a 2.8L 2000 patrol? Just wondering what gearbox to use and what kit to use

          • Avatar
            Sean Seeliger says:

            Castlemaine rod shop don’t supply a kit for the RD28. Sadly the gearbox driveshafts and transfer case have to be swapped out with the same parts from another model. I believe the cross member needs to be swapped out also Suggest the strongest parts from same model GU. I’m told the lengths of everything are all different, but the sad thing is the 2.8 is the weakest motor with heads that crack frequently.

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