Modifications to make vehicles more powerful mean that gaskets need to provide a more reliable seal. Permaseal gaskets are designed in Australia, and manufactured to stand up to extreme combustion, induction, and exhaust pressures. T.I. Performance provides quality Australian-designed parts for optimal performance from your vehicle, and our range of Permaseal gaskets offers long-lasting sealing solutions that are right for your specific need.
Some features that make Permaseal a leading choice are:
– They are designed in Australia and made to exacting tolerances to provide performance engine builders with the highest level of quality.
– The use of high quality gasket materials allows for gaskets that have increased rigidity and durability.
– The Permaseal MLS-R range uses a multi-layer design with a stopper layer for a more reliable seal. The multi-layer construction delivers more uniform heat distribution and thermal transfer.
Types of Permaseal gaskets
Two of the most critical types of gaskets for your engine are the rocker cover and head gaskets. Permaseal rocker cover gaskets tightly seal the joint between the rocker cover and the engine. Without a reliable seal, oil can leak from the engine and become contaminated by dirt from the environment. The head gasket forms a seal between the engine block and the cylinder head. It prevents coolant and engine oil from leaking into the cylinders or to the outside of the motor. If the head gasket fails, it can lead to other vehicle problems. Replacing the head gasket is one of the most difficult repairs, so make sure you use a Permaseal head gasket to do the job right the first time.
Permaseal gasket sets
Permaseal make a variety of gaskets sets to suit most vehicles, including Head Gasket Sets, Valve Regrind Set (VRS) kits, and Full Sets which include every single gasket and seal in the engine. We stock many of these sets for express delivery, so if you can’t find your model on the site just contact us.
Contact us for help finding the right Permaseal gasket set for your vehicle.