The Subaru BRZ (or Toyota 86) is a modern performance classic. The sports compact continues to get attention from tuning manufacturers, as it sits nice and low to the ground, and can be upgraded into quite the driving experience. With a stunning design, this car has been gifted with great weight distribution and handling. The FA20 engine, while underpowered in stock form, is prime for performance upgrades. As most Subaru BRZ owners know, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the potential for this relatively small and affordable sports car.
Getting the right Subaru BRZ parts allows you to not only increase performance, but also maintain your car in top shape. At T.I. Performance, we bring a collection of the best BRZ parts from fuel injectors, to panel air filters, to fuel pumps. Buy your Subaru BRZ parts online at T.I. Performance or get in touch to find out more about our products and merchandise.
Quality BRZ Parts
You may feel like the BRZ is perfectly designed straight from the factory, and it is good, don’t get us wrong! However, there are many upgrades to be made that can assist with improving the performance of these cars. You can add more power to the boxer engine to ensure that it performs optimally. A Tactrix OpenPort cable, for instance, can be used to tune out the ‘torque dip’ that the FA20 is infamous for. A turbo kit can help to enhance the car’s power output both for for everyday driving and weekend track work.
Subaru Performance Upgrades
Quality performance parts ensure that you keep your BRZ performing at its best. Whether need want engine mods, a Subaru BRZ Tactrix Kit, upgraded Fuel Injectors or Subaru BRZ Fuel Pump Kits, you can get them all at T.I. Performance.
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