ACL race series bearings are the number one brand of engine bearings in motorsports. ACL engine bearings have been used in race engines that have set records across the world in compact drift racing, NASCAR, NHRA and many others. ACL bearings combine design, metallurgy and engineering to provide performance engines with the endurance that other bearings cannot offer. T.I. Performance has a range of ACL bearings to choose from, depending on your requirements and sizing needs, and we are happy to help you pick the right set for your vehicle.
Why use ACL race bearings in your vehicle?
Engine bearings are a vital part of a performance engine setup as they reduce the amount of friction between the rotating parts of the engine. Using ACL main bearings can help prevent friction and wear of parts. ACL performance bearings are built to withstand the extra demands of a highly tuned, performance engine that stock bearings were never designed to be put under. ACL race bearings are well known as a quality brand throughout the world, and are proudly made right here in Australia.
Quick turnaround on all ACL bearings
When you need ACL bearings urgently you can turn to T.I. Performance. We aim to have every item dispatched within 1 working day as long as we have the stock, and most metro areas will see their parts arrive by overnight post. And of course, we can arrange same day delivery for those in Melbourne who need something immediately. If you need help understanding ACL race bearings then get in touch, we love building and tuning engines and are happy to help you choose the right ACL performance bearings to get the maximum performance possible from your engine. View the full catalogue here