The Ford Barra DOHC 6 Cylinder was first released in 2002, under the hood of the BA Falcon. It was well ahead of its time at release, with a 24 valve DOHC cylinder head, VCT and optional Turbo, and has since become an incredibly popular engine for enthusiasts and high horsepower car builders alike.
At T.I. Performance, we have a wide range of Ford Barra parts and accessories. Our range is hand selected to keep your Barra performing efficiently and in great condition. Whether you are after Injectors, Oil Pump Gears, Valve Springs or a Tactrix flash cable to tune your car with PCMTec, we have you sorted.
The Barra Engine
This Australian designed inline six has lineage tracing back through the AU Falcon Intech 6 Cylinder SOHC engine; the 4L SOHC in the EF-EL Falcon where the Broadband Manifold (BBM) was introduced; the 4L EB Falcon; and the EA Falcon 3.9L, which was the first Australian designed SOHC engine when it was released in 1988. The EA in turn borrowed from the Crossflow 250ci engine, also designed in Australia.
The addition of variable cam timing (VCT) in the Barra engine made for a huge improvement on previous Ford Falcon engines, with the Naturally Aspirated Barra generating 182kw at release, and with the addition of a Garett GT35 Turbo, generating 240kw in the XR6 Turbo. The inline-six design allows the pistons in the engine to work in unison without a need for counterweights or balancing shafts, making it an inherently balanced design. The sound of the Barra is and forever will be enough to make your hairs stand on end, and the engine is fantastic as a base to tune from. The Barra engine only weighs 195kg, making it great for conversions into Patrols, earlier Falcons, and even Holdens!
The most appealing part of this iconic engine is its torque, generating incredible amounts from low down in the rev range. It is also renowned for its huge power handling capability, with factory variants as high as 310kw, and simple modifications such as Injectors, Oil Pump Gears and Valve Springs allowing these engines to make over 400rwkw with a Tactrix flash cable and good tuning software such as PCMTec.
Our Barra engine parts will keep your engine running smoothly, whether stock or modified.
The Best Barra engine parts in Australia
A great performing engine is supported by quality parts. We have many engine parts that can fit your Barra. Our Ford Barra Turbo adapter loom is designed to allow you to directly plug a Turbo MAP sensor into the factory loom without the need for soldering. You don’t have to do any wiring. Our plug-in adapter loom is of high quality and will ensure a secure and safe connection.
We also carry high-performance valve spring kits to handle high lift cam upgrades and high boost in your Barra engine.  Our valve train kit includes valve springs and retainers that suit your Falcon Barra cylinder. Fitting this kit ensures that your engine cylinders are working at their best for enhanced overall engine performance.
To improve engine efficiency, our Stage 3 Performance Camshaft Kit is available for both auto and manual cars, adding a nice idle lope for a tough sounding engine.
At T.I. Performance, we care about your engine performance. We provide quality Barra engine parts, with known reliability and high performance. Whether it is oil pump gears, a fuel pump or head studs, we are sure you will find our products to be great value.
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