T.I. Performance stocks a range of genuine fuel pumps, including from Walbro and Bosch, suited to upgrade the fuel system in your vehicle to handle any level of horsepower and fuel flow. Whether you’re after a venerable Bosch 044, 023 or a Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, the high-flowing Walbro 460 lph or Walbro 525 lph, our range of fuel pumps will get your car going!
What is a fuel pump?
Think of a fuel pump as your car’s heart. It’s the component responsible for pumping fuel from the tank to the engine, providing it with the necessary fuel for combustion. Without a properly functioning fuel pump, your engine can’t perform up to standard and is more than likely to have problems over time.  
That’s why monitoring your fuel pump and ensuring it’s in good working condition is essential for the longevity, efficiency and performance of your vehicle.
What does a fuel pump do?
A vehicle’s fuel system relies on a crucial component known as the fuel pump. This device facilitates the transfer of fuel from the tank to the engine, ensuring that the process occurs at a consistent and regulated pressure. The fuel pump creates suction, pulling fuel from the tank and sending it through the fuel lines to the engine.
The fuel pump plays a critical role in maintaining the correct fuel pressure and flow rate, which is essential for your engine to function properly. If the fuel pump malfunctions or fails, it can lead to poor performance, reduced fuel efficiency and even complete engine failure.
Our leading fuel pump range
When it comes to fuel pumps, there are a variety of options to choose from.  Many people opt for the super reliable Bosch 275, or the Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, and for those in need  of a higher flow rate, there are better options like the Walbro 460 lph or Walbro 525 lph
More Options include the Raceworks 044 Style Fuel Pump and the Pierburg 190 lph Fuel Pump. Take the time to select the best fuel pump for your vehicle.
If you need help determining which type of fuel pump is right for you, feel free to contact our friendly team for advice. Our experts can help you choose the best pump for your specific needs and provide you with the highest-quality products on the market.
Level-up your vehicle’s performance with ease
At T.I. Performance, we understand that every component matters when it comes to tuning your vehicle. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality hardware and performance products from the best brands. 
Our extensive range of products includes both OEM replacements and performance upgrades, and our team is always available to provide expert advice to assist you in making the best selection. We also recognise the importance of convenience and speed, which is why we offer several delivery options at checkout, including Express and Standard, to meet your needs.
Orders made with immediate payment before 3 p.m. AEST will generally be fulfilled within two working days, and you will receive a tracking code via email once your order is shipped. Note that we ship small parcels via Australia Post Express Post, with an average of overnight shipping to metro areas. Heavy or bulky items are delivered via courier, with an average delivery time to metro areas of 2-3 days.
At T.I. Performance, we strive to make your shopping experience as hassle-free and convenient as possible without compromising the quality of our products or our commitment to customer service. Trust us to help you achieve the best possible performance for your vehicle.
Shop fuel pumps today
Looking for quality parts to tune Australian vehicles? Look no further than T.I. Performance, a family business established in 2007. We offer genuine performance products from top brands and exceptional customer service. 
Our extensive range includes OEM replacement and performance upgrades, and we provide great parts selection advice. Whether you need a Bosch, Walbro, Pierburg or Raceworks Fuel Pump or other high-quality hardware, T.I. Performance has got you covered. Browse our catalogue today and start upgrading your ride!