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Maximise your car’s performance with durable and high-quality products. Available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and angles, our silicone elbow pieces are the perfect way to achieve tight turns in cramped spaces without sacrificing safety or efficiency. Unlike other brands, our silicone options are flexible and temperature resistant without being prone to hardening or splitting.
The right silicone hoses and silicone hose fittings can make a huge difference in plumbing up your new intercooler. If you want to take your car to the next level, browse our range to find your silicone hose and accessories today.
Where to use silicone elbows
Silicone hoses are created to help connect pipes and other system components within the tight confines of your vehicle — and to do it better than rubber hoses can. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
• Plumbing up your radiator or cooling system (non-corrosive)
• Connecting vacuum lines etc.
• Hot and cold side air intake and intercooler piping
• Fitting into tight, cramped spaces without breaking
Professionals prefer our silicone hose range due to the high heat rating, strength and flexibility. Our silicone elbows and hoses are ideal for both stock and high performance vehicles. Another big benefit? Unlike some other materials, silicone hoses come in a variety of colours, allowing for greater customisation and pride in your car (even if all the hues are hidden beneath the bonnet).
Here at T.I. Performance, we offer a robust range of silicone elbows in all shapes and sizes. We also carry a huge selection of silicone hose accessories such as T Bolt Clamps, CT Clamps, and “Wiggins” Intercooler Pipe Clamps. 
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Ensure your car looks and woperformance rks as great under the hood as it does on the outside. Shop our collection of hoses, hose fittings, silicone elbows and more today. When you buy with T.I. Performance, you’ll gain access to one of the largest collections of quality vehicle products in Australia. Browse our inventory today or reach out to our expert team for assistance finding the right product.