TunerPro Ford Falcon Tuning Screenshot

J3 Chip Transmission Edit & Shift Kit

Using a J3 Chip you can unlock many transmission shift parameters on your 6 cylinder EB-EL Falcon.  These allow you to edit shift firmness (line pressure), gear change RPM, and even torque convertor lock up.  Read more

5.0L Windor V8 Hilux EFI Conversion

EB-ED V8 Thermofan Control

This guide outlines the steps involved in controlling an electric thermofan via the Factory ECU in an EB-ED V8 Falcon, XR8, Fairlane or Fairmont. This guide does not apply to the I6 as the parameters to enable fan control are currently not known.

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Bosch LSU 4.2 7200 Wideband O2 Sensor

Narrowband and Wideband O2 Sensors

Did you know we sell a range of sensors at great prices? We have Genuine Bosch standard and Wideband O2 sensors, along with MAP sensors, MAF sensors and more!
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