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For performance enthusiasts in Australia, your quest for peak engine power and unparalleled control ends with the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. Renowned for their innovation, Haltech has established itself as a powerhouse in engine management systems. Their drive to push the boundaries of performance is evident in the feature-rich Elite 2500 series. 
This advanced Haltech ECU empowers you to unlock your engine’s true potential with unmatched precision, extensive customisation and advanced features like dual VCT control, dual-channel knock detection and drive by wire throttle control. Your investment will keep on delivering, as Haltech continually adding value to their ECU range through firmware and tuning software upgrades such as the NSP tuning upgrade delivered in ‘23.
Trust T.I. Performance — a leading supplier of performance parts — to source your Haltech Elite 2500 in Australia. With a focus on service and customer satisfaction, we bring you the best in engine management technology alongside a comprehensive selection of complementary performance components such as sensors, connectors, and EFI Hardware.
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Gain complete control over your engine’s performance with the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU range. Take advantage of Haltech’s superior engine management technology for unmatched tuning and precision control. Whether you’re building a street machine or a track monster, the Haltech Elite 2500 series can help you achieve your performance goals.
To ensure a seamless installation, we also offer Haltech terminated engine harnesses. These plug-and-play harnesses streamline the integration of your Haltech ECU into your vehicle, reducing wiring headaches and maximising your time on the road (or track).
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T.I. Performance is more than just a parts supplier — we’re an expert-run company passionate about helping you achieve your performance aspirations. With decades of collective expertise in the automotive industry, we offer the Haltech Elite 2500 in Australia alongside unparalleled knowledge and support to ensure you maximise your car’s potential.
Browse our range of Haltech Elite 2500 ECUs and plug and play harnesses today. If you need guidance choosing the right parts for your ideal setup, don’t hesitate to contact us.