T.I Performance at Sandown 500 with Pedders Suspension Girls

Vehicle: EF Fairmont

Year: 1995


Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Wade 1521a (Similar to Crow Stage 4 Camshaft)

Power: 227rwkw

Comments: This is the T.I. Performance test car, and has been used for the development and testing of all of our products.

It was originally built with a N/A combo which ran 152rwkw on the stock bottom end with 3.9 diff gears and a hi-stalled Auto. Since then a Powerdyne BD-11a supercharger kit was installed, running 6psi non-intercooled. The supercharger has been fully rebuilt by T.I. Performance with high performance ceramic bearings and kevlar belt from www.superchargerrebuilds.com

The car has been road tuned using our products to a safe AFR and a conservative timing map using a TechEdge 2J1 Wideband controller and data logger as sold on the Products page. It consistently gets 450km+ per tank combined cycle fuel economy, and over 500km per tank on the highway. Not bad for well over 300hp!

Since the dyno chart on the right we have installed a shimmed up CNC impeller which has increased boost, added 42lb injectors and a 3″ exhaust, and modified the air intake. We expect power in the range of 220rwkw and we’re keen to get it back on the dyno!

For more information see the build thread on boostedfalcon.net