T.I Performance at Sandown 500 with Pedders Suspension Girls

Vehicle: EF Fairmont

Year: 1995


Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Wade 1521a (Similar to Crow Stage 4 Camshaft)

Power: 227rwkw

Comments: This is the T.I. Performance test car, and has been used for the development and testing of all of our products.

It was originally built with a N/A combo which ran 152rwkw on the stock bottom end with 3.9 diff gears and a hi-stalled Auto. Since then a Powerdyne BD-11a supercharger kit was installed, originally running 6psi non-intercooled. The supercharger was fully rebuilt by T.I. Performance with high performance ceramic bearings and kevlar belt from www.superchargerrebuilds.com.

The car has been road tuned using our products to a safe AFR and a conservative timing map using a TechEdge 2J9 Wideband controller and data logger as sold on the Products page. It consistently gets 450km+ per tank combined cycle fuel economy, and over 500km per tank on the highway. Not bad!

Since first installing the blower we have installed a shimmed up CNC impeller and smaller pulley which has increased boost to 11psi, added Bosch 42lb injectors for more fuel, and installed a 3″ exhaust and modified the air intake. This combo has made ~240rwkw on a roller dyno and has been running great for over 10 years.

For more information see the build thread on boostedfalcon.net