Vehicle: EB XR8

Year: 1993


  • Factory manual
  • 2nd airbox snorkle
  • AU MAF housing (EB electrics)
  • AU throttle body and egr plate (disconected egr)
  • AU thermo fans
  • 25% underdrive pulleys
  • EL GT extractors
  • High flow cats and factory (sprint?) twin 2.25” to diff, single 2.75″ to tip, exhaust.

T.I. Performance Parts

  • Stage 2 J3 Chip to tune for the MAF, throttle body, premium 95 fuel and add Thermofan control to the ECU

Transmission: Manual

Camshaft: Standard

Power: Unknown

Comments: J3 has been in a week now and it’s driving heaps better! Smoother, stronger and my cold start idle is back! Much appreciated!