Vehicle: EF Fairmont Ghia

Year: 1996


  • 1996 Fairmont Ghia
  • 4.0 AUII bottom end
  • JMM DEV5 top end/cam
  • Custom intake
  • 24lb injectors, 350kPa reg, Walbro 255 pump
  • Pacemaker 4480 headers, Magnaflow 100cpi cat, Redback 2.5″ single-muffler exhaust
  • 2800 hi-stall, shift kit, external cooler
  • Radiator overflow deleted
  • 4.11 LSD, 8″ rear wheels, 265/50R15 tyres

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: JMM Dev 5

Power: 190+ rwhp

Comments: Just wanted to let you know how I went with the most recent tune you did for me. I’m very happy to say that my fuel consumption averages 9.9L/100km in traffic, and on the open road it will lean out to 8.6!

Torque has been dramatically increased and it makes nice smooth curves on the dyno. It makes roughly 180-190rwhp depending on the day. This is from a very conservative dyno – other guys I know making the same power on this dyno are showing 210-230rwhp on other dyno’s.