Spoolinboost EF Falcon at the drags

Vehicle: EF Futura

Year: 1996


  • T.I. Performance J3 Chip
  • 60lb Dekka injectors and 044 copy pumps
  • Spoolinboost top mount turbo kit @ 18psi
  • Full 3″ exhaust, no cat
  • Stock EL motor, head has never been off this one, with stock bbm
  • Stock BTR auto and convertor with 2 trans coolers and s3 s4 solenoid mod
  • Stock 3.08 diff gears with minispool
  • Stock EF ignition system
  • MAP sensor bypass for high boost

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Stock

Power: 410rwkw or 430rwkw w/ NOS, 12.5@115mph on a 2.05 60ft @ 370rwkw

Comments: This is our test car. We have been amazed at how far we can push with the J3 on boosted setups! We have gone as fast as 90-140kph in 2.97 secs on street tyres and 12.5@115 over the 1/4 with spark blowout issues in most of 3rd gear.

Those 1/4 mile times were with less power and on 98ron.  With the car now tuned on E85, Will is seeing 410rwkw!