Vehicle: NA2 Fairlane

Year: 1990


  • AU mls headgasket
  • EF thermo fans
  • Lowered on selby Springs
  • AU fuel injectors
  • Extractors
  • 2.5″ single muffler cat back
  • Mullins wheels
  • 6 speaker sound system
  • Darkest legal tint
  • EL ecu
  • T.I. Performance Stage 2 J3 Chip
  • LEDs in and under seats

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Standard

Power: Unknown

Comments:  Since installing the chip it’s much nicer to drive more responsive, picks up speed faster and I can now spin up the wheels on the spot. Before installing the chip I could only spin the wheels in the wet. Thank you for the chip I love it and I will definitely be sending people your way.