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Vehicle: EF XR6 Wagon

Year: 1995


  • SS Inductions snorkel, 3″ custom airbox exit, BA induction tube
  • Amsoil 2-stage foam air filter
  • Modified throttle body
  • AU fuel injectors
  • Franklin RH24B cam (195/192 deg @.050, .265/.252″ lift at cam, 114 deg LSA)
  • MLS head gasket
  • Head milled .015″, 3-angle valve job
  • Colder thermostat
  • Royal Purple full-synthetic oil
  • Autolite 985 spark plugs, Champion steel-core ignition leads
  • Factory 2.5″ Tickford mandrel-bent exhaust, Coby F19CP headers, cat delete
  • 2800-rpm high-stalled factory torque converter
  • Koni red (rear), KYB (front) shocks
  • Slotted and cross-drilled brake rotors, QFM HPX brake pads
  • FTR 17″ chrome factory-style alloys, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 235/45R17
  • T.I. Performance Full House Kit

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Franklin RH24B cam (195/192 deg @.050, .265/.252” lift at cam, 114 deg LSA)

Power: 149kw/200hp (pre chip and high-stall)

Comments:  Bought the T.I. Performance Stage 2 J3 Chip, and the performance increase was significant.  Got the Full House DIY Tuning Kit and have been fine-tuning myself.  Got a lot more power out of it, especially strong at part-throttle, and excellent launch with the high-stall.  Have increased the rev limit and shift points and increased line pressure for nice, tight shifts.  The chip makes it an all-round better car and much more fun to drive.