Vehicle: NF Fairlane

Year: 1996


  • 2.5 inch sports exhaust
  • Redback Tri Y extractors
  • Hi flow cat and two mufflers (rear resonator)
  • V8 Air Filter box
  • AU3 Coil Pack, AU3 Bosch sports leads
  • Omvl 90 Converter, 3mm gas line from tank. AEB 290 LPG ECU
  • 3.23 diff non lsd
  • Aftermarket performance white rims
  • Continental CC5 tyres 205/65 r15
  • 27mm front sway bar, 21mm rear sway bar
  • Monroe gas GT front shocks, Ultima heavy duty rear
  • Uprated rear Pedders spring standard height for gas tank
  • And the best change, which should have been done years ago, Stage 2 J3 chip

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Standard

Power: Unknown

Comments: Car has always been a beast. For some reason the ford first gear is very long.  Every time I take off it always bogs some till it gets to 2800rpm then topped out at 4200. I was told that’s gas and you cant fix it.  Well the Stage 2 J3 Chip fixed it.  First doesn’t feel too long and I rarely have to go full throttle and if I do it would only be in the upper rev range.

I normally only get 300km to 65l LPG around town.  Highway is good with 12.3L / 100 gas but that’s aiming for economy and not much hard acceleration.  I installed the chip when I was about 190km into a tank of gas.   The tank is almost empty but I am up to 350km so far around town. I have never seen the car go so far on one tank around town and this is already 2/3rd of the way into the tank.  I cant wait to fill the tank fully and see what milage I can get.

Thanks guys you have made LPG worth it and affordable.