Vehicle: XE Falcon

Year: 1982


  • EL XR6 engine with EB log inlet manifold (stock and unmodified)
  • EL XR6 manual ECU (6TAC)
  • GT35 turbo running 10 psi wastegate
  • Malpassi rising rate fuel reg
  • FG Intercooler
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • 3.23 Diff (soon to be replaced with a 3.45 LSD)

T.I. Performance Parts

Transmission: Manual


  • Standard

Power: Unknown

Comments: I installed the tune you made and went for a drive. What a difference it made, it runs and idles smooth and it pulls like a train from about 3000 rpm on. I am very happy with this tune. I think its spot on. Again I am very very happy with your work and your products. I will send you are a couple pics of my car. It looks like a total sleeper and no one would expect that it was turboed by the look of it.