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As our Performance Chips and DIY Tuning Kits began unleashing new levels of performance potential from our Ford Falcons, one thing became clear. Our customers would need upgraded engine parts to get the best performance from our tuning gear. It made sense to become a one-stop shop for many of your engine parts needs.
Camshafts for EA-EL 6 Cyl and V8 Falcons
One of our favourite products remains Crow Cams’ CNC ground performance camshafts and camshaft parts. With their world-class CNC grinding and inspection facility, they are producing some of the best made camshafts in Australia for a range of Falcon engine models. These high-performance camshafts, which they offer in mild to aggressive profiles, provide impressive power and acceleration gains. Their precision machining also creates some of the best camshaft assembly and intake valve parts you can find, including cam gears, heavy-duty valve springs and retainers, timing chains and more.
Engine Parts for your build
In addition to cams and cam parts, we offer a host of other high-performance car engine parts. With a focus on strengthening Falcon heads and ensuring proper cooling and lubrication, we offer ARP Head Studs, head, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, water pumps and oil scavenge pumps, and a range of often overlooked parts that ensure your upgraded Falcon’s engine is not only running powerfully but safely as well.
While our performance chips and DIY tuning kits allow you to program your Falcon’s ECU to allow vastly improved performance, you’ll still need the right parts in order to produce it. After spending over a decade developing Australia’s premier Ford Falcon tuning products, we have ensured that the cam and engine parts we carry complement our precision tunes perfectly.