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Automotive gauges are indispensable instruments that provide real-time insights into your vehicle’s operating health. From voltage and boost/vacuum to EGT and coolant temperature gauges, quality gauges offer precise monitoring of your vitals for optimal performance. 
Upgrade your vehicle with our comprehensive range of automotive gauges for enhanced safety, efficiency, and control. Discover how our top-quality gauges are designed to be reliable and easy to install.
Safeguard your engine and driveline with accurate gauge readings
Whether you’re looking for engine oil or transmission oil temperature, boost/vac gauges or other, we have you covered. Some of the gauges in our range such as the Raceworks series have configurable lighting and daisy chainable power making integration into your OEM interior a breeze. We also have gauge cups and mounts to make installation easy.
Exceptional quality sourced from industry-leading brands
At T.I. Performance, we only source automotive gauges of the highest calibre from world-renowned manufacturers like Raceworks and Turbosmart, ensuring each gauge in our range is built to last and designed to withstand rigorous conditions on the track and on the street.
Rev up your ride with superior automotive gauges from T.I. Performance
Browse T.I. Performance’s range of automotive gauges, perfect for revamping your vehicle’s interior or replacing your car’s current gauges. We offer same-day courier service for orders within the Melbourne metro area. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or shipping policy.