Favourite Ford Competition

Post a photo of your favourite Falcon to our Facebook page or on Instagram tagging #tiperformance to win a $200 T.I. Performance voucher!

Ford Falcon Fuel Economy Guide

Fuel economy is increasingly an important aspect of motor vehicle ownership. From the sky-rocketing cost of fuel to environmental concerns, its never been more important to maximise your fuel economy. In this article we’ll lay out some key tips to improve your fuel economy, and make your car go further on a tank of fuel. […]

LS Engine Hose Fitting and Bolt Thread Size Guide

We’ve started this guide to capture common thread and fitting sizes on the GM LS1, LS2 and LS3 engine series. If you can help fill it in please contact us. Fitting Thread Size LS Oil Feed M16 x 1.5 LS Thread and Fitting Guide Electrical Connectors Part Connector LS Connectors If you have any others […]

BMC Carbon Clearance

We’re running a clearance sale on some BMC CDA and OTA Carbon Fibre intake kits. See https://www.tiperformance.com.au/product-tag/bmc-clearance/ to grab a deal while stocks last.

AU Hybrid Intech vs EL Falcon SOHC Differences and Camshaft Fitment

A quick guide on how to tell whether you have an EL Hybrid or AU cylinder head on your 4L 6 Cylinder.

TunerPro Ford Falcon Tuning Screenshot

J3 Chip Transmission Shift Edit & Shift Kit

Using a J3 Chip you can unlock many transmission shift parameters on your 6 cylinder EB-EL Falcon. These allow you to edit shift firmness (line pressure), gear change RPM, and even torque convertor lock up.

Haltech Elite vs Nexus ECU Model Comparison Guide

Choosing the right ECU for your application can be a complex task. They come with a varying range of features, inputs and outputs which you’ll need to map to your combo to pick the right product. Below is a table comparing the main features of all Haltech Elite and Nexus ECUs. It lists features, inputs […]

As Seen on Hackshop Garage

As some avid YouTube followers may have noticed, we’ve been working with Michael and Nathan from Hackshop Garage for some time now. We’ve launched a new section of the site which features a bio on each car along with the products used in each build. Check it out here.